Purchase Guide – How to choose your fender and its cover


1 _ How to choose correctly your fender?


Fenders are designed to cushion and protect your boat during docking.


The selection criteria


The choice of the fender is to be studied according to the size of your boat: the minimum of fenders to be used is six, it is ideal to putt a fender every 2.5m.

The height of the fender must be equal to 2/3 of the freeboard height (approximately 70%).

You may need to check the fender pressure using a pressure gauge or calculating the circumference based on the predicted data.

We advise you against under-sizing your fenders because they will not be very effective.


There are different types of fenders:

Cylindrical: To be positioned vertically or horizontally. The precaution is to take them all of the same diameter. Several diameters are proposed, count a minimum diameter of 9 cm for a boat of 4 to 6 meters and up to 25 cm for a boat of 7 to 12 meters. Of course, the bigger they are, the better they protect. (Chart of choice according to the size of the boat)

Flat fenders: to protect a large area or if you have very little space. They allow easy storage and can be used as cushions.

Spherical: Ideal for mooring with other boats or in emergency situations.

2_ How to choose correctly your fender covers?

The friction of the fenders damages the hull of the boat. To avoid this type of unsightly aging, the strong and soft fender covers will give a neat appearance to your boat while protecting it.

The fender covers are made to fit perfectly to the shape of the fender. There are therefore covers for all shapes, sizes and brands of fenders.

To choose your cover carefully, take the mark of your fender (Plastimo, Polyform, etc.) and its size (F2, F3, etc.)

If you do not have this information, just measure your fender and find out about it using our size chart.

3_ How to measure your fenders?

 Very easy!

For the diameter of the fender, you just need to calculate it. First, wrap a rope around the fender and measure it to know the perimeter. For the diameter, divide this value by Pi, which is equal to 3.14.

Example: The rope wrapped around the fender measures 73 cm. Simply divide 73 by 3.14, and the diameter is about 23 cm.

For the length of the fender, it is needed to measure only the body of the fender, without taking into account the fasteners at the top and ends, because this part will not be covered by the cover.


4 _ How to put on the sock on the fender?

After choosing the size corresponding to your fender, gently slip the cover from the top.

You can return the fender and adjust the cover to it. If your cover contains a rope, tighten it to hold the fender.

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